The Best Bluetooth Speaker for Hiking

Hiking is an incredibly adventurous activity, add music to it and you are on cloud nine. This is where a portable Bluetooth speaker comes in handy. This should be none other than a device in Fugoo Style XL the best Bluetooth speakers to carry wherever you go hiking. The gadgets allow you to have the music even when you are exploring the world.

Excellent Spread of Sound

Fugoo Style XL have become synonymous with above reproach sound quality. This is all thanks to the symmetrically placed drivers that give a powerful 360-degree listening experience . They deliver a rich stereo sound that is distortion free even at high volume. The good thing about this is that the compact size doesn’t limit these speakers to give an impressive studio-like sound performance, wherever you happen to go. If anything, the size only makes the speaker lightweight while improving the music quality

fugoo STYLE XL - $169.99 Get Style XL

Other Amazing Features

Besides the high-quality audio performance, all Fugoo Style XL are packed with other great features including high IP rating. That means they are waterproof, shockproof, and withstand all elements you subject them while hiking or camping – whether snow, mud, rain or dust. With the help of attached carabiner, all you have to do is mount the Fugoo speaker on your backpack and you are good to go for a day of hiking. As all-purpose companions, these products come with a dual microphone system with noise and echo cancellation to allow you to activate digital assistant like Siri, effortlessly.

fugoo Style XL - $169.99 Get Style XL


Whether you are always on the go or just want to set up a tent in the wilderness, entertainment is essential. Therefore, get yourself these best speakers for hiking and enjoy a lot more out of nature.Fugoo provides friendly, easy-to-reach support.

Fugoo Style XL - $169.99 Get Style XL

For approximately $90, the speaker is really great for the price. Therefore, wait no more! Grab yours today and take your workout to the next level.

Best Bluetooth Speaker CES 2015



Enjoy great music wherever life takes you. the best value in waterproof Bluetooth speakers.

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The FUGOO Style XL offers simple elegance and stylish sophistication to your speaker.

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The FUGOO Tough Camo best rugged, waterproof camo Bluetooth speaker

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The FUGOO Tough protects your speaker from whatever your world throws at it.

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Bluetooth Speaker Mounting Accessory Pack


Mount Pack



Includes the Bike Mount, Strap Mount and Multi-Mount in a value bundle. #GoAnywhere

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Bluetooth Speaker Strap Mount


Strap Mount



The FUGOO Strap Mount lets your Bluetooth Speaker play where you do. Mount it to your favorite tree, basketball, volleyball, or tennis pole – or whatever.

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Portable Speaker Mount Accessory


Multi Mount



Three different mounting options for your wireless Speaker. Rope or carabiner loop, tripod mounting socket, and strap or belt spring-clip.

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