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FUGOO Sport review on FOX News
Techie grad gifts for every price point

For the graduate who will need a party machine this summer, this new Bluetooth speaker has surprisingly supple bass (just in time for the new Coldplay album). There’s an “inner core” that fits inside FUGOO’s durable and waterproof cases. A full charge lasts about 40 hours.

FUGOO Tough in Playboy Summer Guide

Elevate every park hangout, night on the beach, camping trip and backyard barbecue up to party status by rocking out the hot weather jams on the FUGOO Tough Bluetooth Speaker. Blast your killer summer playlist from your smartphone at top volume (and at high quality, thanks to the six packed-in drivers facing every direction) on your every adventure. The rugged FUGOO is waterproof and shock resistant...it’s basically invincible. And it boasts 40 hours of battery life, guaranteeing you’re not going to run out of tunes when there’s no place to recharge while you and your pals are out communing with nature.

Seattle Backpackers FUGOO Tough Review
FUGOO Tough Speaker Review
  • What impressed me most was the durability of the FUGOO Tough.
  • The speaker didn’t move once and again survived any beatings I could give it.
  • This speaker is one of the best pieces of outdoor equipment I have ever had the pleasure of using and if you love you music and your adventures, this speaker is worth every penny.

Featured Review: FUGOO Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • FUGOO Bluetooth Speaker lasts a whopping 40 hours.
  • And I can say after using it for about 2 weeks now, that it lasts longer than that...
  • It’s a pretty lightweight speaker, especially when you consider how big the speaker is and how big the battery is.
  • I’d have to say it’s got better sound, and louder sound without getting distorted, than most of the other Bluetooth speakers I’ve reviewed recently.

Techlicious -- FUGOO Bluetooth Speaker
  • Of the many hundreds of Bluetooth speakers on display at CES and beyond, the new FUGOO line caught our attention with two key features: very good audio quality and a singular design concept.
  • ... you can easily switch the cover to change the color or texture, add additional rugged protection, or make it mountable.
  • This versatility plus the great sound it produces make the FUGOO the best Bluetooth speaker we saw at CES.

Laptop Mag -- FUGOO Stylish, Sporty and Tough Bluetooth Speakers Push Big Sound
  • ... it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. That is, unless your dealing with the FUGOO Bluetooth speaker line...
  • ... FUGOO is the brand to watch in 2014...
  • Despite the non-stop din of the crowd, the FUGOO Tough speaker we demoed delivered booming bass with richly balanced highs and mids.

iPhoneLife -- FUGOO’s Waterproof Speaker Puts Fashion First
  • The FUGOO speaker was a winner of the iPhone Life Best of CES award last week in Las Vegas.
  • I love that its rugged design comes standard, and the option to attach the jacket of your choosing is sweet icing on the cake.
  • ... the FUGOO speaker also belts out absolutely amazing sound, with multi-directional drivers on all four sides and large, passive bass radiators for an immersive 360-degree, full-spectrum audio experience that creates a sound that is worthy of a speaker twice the size.

CNET -- FUGOO Bluetooth speaker family
  • The FUGOO Bluetooth speaker rocks a unique design that aims to please everyone from the outdoor enthusiast to the average Joe.
  • For a device that can withstand a 5.5-foot drop, it's pretty darn light.
  • FUGOO states that its toughest case is "virtually indestructible." Sounds like a Torture Test challenge to me!

SlashGear -- FUGOO Bluetooth Speakers pack Siri and Google Now support: Hands-on
  • We auditioned the FUGOO speakers next to their better-known rivals, and it clearly outperformed them...
  • We're also quite taken with FUGOO's accessories for the speakers, which show a little more imagination than is typical...
  • FUGOO is quoting up to forty hours battery life, too, and a full recharge in around 3.5 hours; if that's true, it'll mean around double what most of the competition can do, if not more.

The Verge -- FUGOO's modular Bluetooth speakers go from stylish to indestructible just by swapping cases
  • FUGOO’s speakers set themselves apart with a two-part design made of an inner "core" — the actual speaker — with a swappable, durable outer "jacket" to protect it.
  • The bottoms of the Sport and Tough jackets have a spot to connect one of three mounts which let the speaker attach to a bike, backpack, tripod, or even strap on to something like a tree.
  • FUGOO is also making a wearable, fully waterproof Bluetooth smart remote with a lanyard and watch strap that can control your music and even activate Siri or Google Now — but the killer feature is the bottle opener on its back.

Mashable -- Bluetooth Speaker System With Waterproof Remote Is Not for Indoor Kids
  • FUGOO has unveiled a new kind of Bluetooth speaker that’s not only practical, it's decidedly innovative.
  • ... a solid solution for outdoor use as it is resistant to water, snow, dust and sand.
  • But for wearable technology enthusiasts, the most interesting part of the FUGOO system might be the wireless wrist controller.

Android Headlines -- FUGOO Announces a new Line of Bluetooth Speakers At CES 2014
  • FUGOO has just announced a new line of Bluetooth Speakers at CES. These new FUGOO speakers use a unique “Core + Jacket” design that pairs advanced audio technology housed in a robust “core” with an interchangeable outer “jacket”.
  • Now here’s my favorite spec of these new speakers. FUGOO touts that these speakers will last about 40 hours of continuous playback, and that’s at 50-percent loudness. That is insane.
  • ... it does support Bluetooth SMART for wireless remote control with Google Now. Now that’s pretty cool.

GeekBeat -- CES 2014: FUGOO Bluetooth Speaker
  • In this industry it’s not every day you see something truly exciting, especially in an established market. FUGOO may offer that with their line of 360° waterproof speakers designed for the active user.
  • ... the FUGOO Tough hard case which looks like it could stop a nuclear bomb.
  • As a speaker, it’s got a design like nothing I’ve seen before.

Ubergizmo -- FUGOO Rugged Bluetooth Speakers For Active Lifestyles
  • FUGOO has brought their Bluetooth speaker line up a notch ... in a durable design, so much so that they are water-proof, dust-proof, as well as boast of stylish interchangeable outer jackets.
  • These jackets will be interchangeable, making it a snap for consumers to add an update to their speakers without having to spend too much money in the process.
  • Sporting a pair of tweeters, an equal number of mid/woofers, and two passive radiators, the new FUGOO line should offer stellar audio.

JustLuxe -- Tough Portable FUGOO Speakers You Can Snowboard and Surf With
  • Though all great, the FUGOO Tough makes your 360-degree sound speaker as close to indestructible as one could ever hope for.
  • Waterproof, sandproof, and snowproof, you can listen to music anywhere you want (with up to 40 hours of battery life), from camping in the desert to floating in a pool.
  • Plus, there's a mounting socket on the bottom, allowing you to attach FUGOO's strap mount (for use on trees, basketball poles, etc.), bike mount, and multi mount (giving different options, like for attaching on a tripod).

TechnoBuffalo -- FUGOO Bluetooth Speaker Serves Every Lifestyle
  • ... we were surprised at how impressed we were when we stopped by FUGOO’s booth at Pepcom here at CES 2014.
  • ... they offer 360-degree sound that sounds pretty great, if you ask us.
  • ... optional add-ons that transform the speaker into a GoPro-like action accessory, with clips, straps, and mounts for every kind of activity you can come up with.
  • That’s a lot of function for anybody who lives adventurously, and it’s nice to see a speaker finally break out of the mundane boxes we’ve been seeing as of late.

Gotta Be Mobile -- FUGOO Bluetooth Speaker Line Features Robust Build for the Outdoorsman
  • FUGOO thinks it has a solution with its new line of Bluetooth speakers that are waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and pretty much any other protection that you need.
  • For instance, you can get a jacket that aims for style and then put on a different jacket that aims for ruggedness.
  • All of this mixed together brings quite the noise that we weren’t expecting when we took a listen for ourselves. Good low-end bass is always hard to accomplish with small Bluetooth speakers, but FUGOO made it happen.

GadgetMac -- FUGOO Wireless Speaker Redefines Durability, Packs Big Specs Into Small Form Factor
  • ... cleverly designed modular Jacket system that let's users switch between three types of slide-on Jacket enclosures that provide a unique style or nearly indestructible protection with ease.
  • This is the first time that we're seeing such a complex set of hardware in a portable speaker that's only 6.5" long. Color us impressed.
  • ... what sets it apart from the rest is the fact that unlike other portable speakers, the FUGOO Wireless Speaker can change its appearance and external build quality using different types of swappable durable enclosures, or "Jackets"...

Gear Culture -- FUGOO Bluetooth Speakers
  • What makes FUGOO's new Bluetooth Speaker lineup different from others on the market? One, they created a speaker that offers a true 360-degree sound thanks to six dedicated drivers placed on four sides, including 2 tweeters, 2 mid/woofers and 2 passive radiators.
  • Two, it's offered in three different models with interchangeable cases to fit your different lifestyles.
  • And three, it's waterproof, dust proof, dirt proof and snow-proof. They even come with optional accessories like mounts, straps and a wearable wireless remote compatible with Siri and Google voice

USA Today -- CES 2014: Bluetooth speakers morph and evolve
  • Outdoorsy music lovers might want to check out the FUGOO wireless speakers that are built to get rough.
  • "We designed a Bluetooth speaker for the active lifestyle. It's dust-proof, shock-proof and water-proof," says Derek Boduch, FUGOO's director of product management.
  • "I do a lot of spearfishing and diving. On the boat, salt water kills just about everything," he says. "When I get home I just wipe it off."

Men's Health Radio -- Crazy mobile speakers | BONUS SEGMENT | #57
  • H20-proof extreme audio: Gary Elsasser from FUGOO (FUGOO.com) talks about their waterproof, snowproof, dustproof, shockproof Bluetooth speakers that are made to go everywhere you go.

Men's Health Interview

Click Play – 6:48

Driving -- CARgo: Speakerphone takes a licking and keeps on singing
  • ... dunk it in a pool, kick it around in the sand or drop it in a snowbank, but the FUGOO Tough is a product that is designed to withstand that and more.
  • And although it’s perfectly suited for home, beach, office, ironman challenge, snowstorm or hurricane, FUGOO’s durable nature makes it perfect for in-car use, particularly by luddites who will throw it into the glove compartment, let it roll around on the dash and effectively treat the device in the less-than-delicate manner for which it was designed.

About.com -- CES 2014: New Bluetooth Speakers
  • FUGOO's $199 Style and the $229 Sport and Tough are all basically the same speaker. The trick is, you can slide the cover off and replace it.
  • They're all waterproof to 3 feet for 30 minutes, and the design is drop-tested 20 times from 6 feet.
  • The Sport includes a wearable Bluetooth remote with a bottle opener on the bottom. Mmmm ... beer, a pool and Bluetooth. Does it get any better?

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