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Entrepreneur - Ultra Handy Tech Tools

Entrepreneur featured FUGOO + Sport in their "6 Ultra-Handy Tech Tools to Simplify Your Summertime Travels" article. Commending the speakers durability and battery life, "Whether you’re kicking back at the beach or by the pool, this small but mighty portable Bluetooth speaker has your summertime soundtrack covered."

FUGOO Bluetooth Speaker Review - Style, Sport, Tough (4K)
  • “Another great thing is it has a battery life that is pretty much unseen in other Bluetooth speakers I’ve tested to date, and that is a 40 hour battery life, which is absolutely insane.”
  • “This is probably the best thought-out Bluetooth speaker I’ve ever tested out.”
  • “The ability to easily swap it out between the shells depending on the occasion, the great sound quality, and the price of $199 is totally reasonable.”

Fugoo Style currently has two #1 spots on TopTenReviews
Fugoo currently has two #1 spots on TopTenReviews, in both the bluetooth and portable audio sections.

"The FUGOO Style is the best portable speaker because it offers phenomenal sound quality and outstanding battery life in a small and attractive all-around design. The compact speaker is durable, and its water, mud and shock resistance allow you can take it with you almost anywhere without worrying about it getting damaged."

FUGOO Outdoor Speaker Review
Digital Trends Outdoor Speaker Review
  • Virtually everything-proof, and mountable anywhere, the FUGOO is built to be a music-loving outdoorsmen’s best friend.
  • . . . we couldn’t help but feel like we had just unearthed the GoPro of Bluetooth speakers.
  • We were immediately skeptical about FUGOO’s claim of 40 hours of battery life, but would soon find we had underestimated that claim.
  • Our expectations were measured going in, since portable speakers are generally limited by their very size. Once we started playing music on the Sport from a connected smartphone, we were blown away.
  • No matter what we played or where we played it, the Sport was a pleasure to have around.

Hip Mama Best Travel Speakers
Best Travel Speakers - Our Summer of Sound with FUGOO
  • What gadgets come with you when you travel? For me, it’s a short list. I never leave home without my smartphone. I bring my iPad to read and play movies for the kids on long flights. My GoPro comes along for active travel adventures. And now, my FUGOO speaker fills our travels with our favorite tunes. Truth is, I’m totally hooked. It is one of the best travel speakers I've used to date.
  • We went on vacation for a week and never charged the battery.
  • The FUGOO packs a good amount of bass into a small little package and definitely holds its own with larger, more expensive Bose models.
  • This product packs all of what is important to me in a speaker: small, stylish, portable, great sound and long battery life.

MTV FUGOO Style in Dorm room
Back To School Gadgets To Make Your Roommate Jealous

"The best way to make your dorm room feel like a home is to create a relaxing environment (or a loud as hell one, if your RA is off-campus). The FUGOO Sport wireless speaker connects easily to your smartphone, tablet or laptop and streams music from your favorite services. The battery lasts for about 40 hours per charge, and can be taken outdoors without the fear of bad weather ruining the party."

Sound, Torture Test, and Review of the FUGOO Tough - VIDEO Review by Snazzy Labs

"FUGOO is a new company, but they’re doing things great already. They are making a speaker that sounds better than its competition such as the Logitech UE Boom, Bose SoundLink Mini and SOL Republic Deck. Not to mention that this thing is nearly indestructible!"

FUGOO Speaker Review by RV Traveler
Take high-quality music with you everywhere with the wireless FUGOO speaker

RV Traveler reviews the FUGOO Sport as they travel across the nation. Focusing on the sound quality, ease of use and overall durability of the speaker, they praise the waterproof speaker "remarkably true audiophile sound for its size." The overall experience leaves the reviewer saying, "After I started to test it I found that I was using it far more than I usually listen to a device, leaving it connected most of the day - wherever I happened to be."

FUGOO Sport Review on Innerfidelity
Bluetooth Speakers Back-Country Tested - FUGOO Sport

"The FUGOO is a natural competitor the the similarly priced and ruggedized Ultimate Ears UE Boom... but I did prefer the FUGOO for its slightly cleaner and more articulate sound. I felt the nod in form factor and styling probably goes to the FUGOO as well, and the 40 hour battery life is terrific for camping."

Bluetooth Portable Speaker For The Outdoors - VIDEO Review by Chris Voss

Barriers are meant to be broken, your Bluetooth speaker isn’t. Introducing FUGOO Tough – the world’s most durable Bluetooth speaker. Crafted from fiber-reinforced resin and solid aluminum, it’s time to go beast mode.

Best Bluetooth Speaker Award

Tom's Guide names FUGOO + Style "Best-in-Class" Bluetooth Speaker. Praising the portable speaker for it excellent sound quality, superior battery life, high degree of ruggedness and portability. "No other portable Bluetooth speaker that costs $200 can match the FUGOO's combination of sound quality, battery life and waterproofing."

FUGOO Tough Review on Mens Journal
5 Seriously Rugged Speakers to Take Outside

With a cage of resin and aluminum protecting its 360-degree speaker, the Tough easily withstood large rocks dropped on it without even a scratch.

Outdoor Speaker Review by Elevation Outdoors
Top Gear Picks For Summer 2014

The simple-to-activate, waterproof bluetooth speaker can withstand the ravages of mud, splashes and sheer abuse while still pumping out clear, crisp sound. Best of all, one full charge provides about 40 hours of use.

Tom’s Guide – Editors’ Choice - Best-in-Class Sound and Features

No other portable Bluetooth speaker that costs $200 can match the FUGOO's combination of sound quality, battery life and waterproofing. In fact, few devices that cost $300 can match the FUGOO's audio performance.

FUGOO's $200 Bluetooth speaker represents the next generation of portable wireless speakers, eclipsing the competition, with 40 hours of battery life, a heavy-duty waterproof rating and best-in-class sound quality. Looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker? Look no further.

MAXIM Waterproof Gadget Review
Best Waterproof Gadgets for Summer

Your phone is with you at all times and that means your music is too. Enter the FUGOO Sport, a wireless Bluetooth speaker that can stand up to H20, whether you’re at the beach or in the shower. The FUGOO’s 40 hour battery life means you can chill in the water with music until you’re as wrinkled as a nursing home patient.

Tech Gift Fathers Day
The Complete Tech Gift Guide for Father's Day

"But what really separates it from the rest of the portable speaker collection is because of its ruggedness and lengthy battery life. The FUGOO portable speakers can handle almost everything you throw at it...literally. It provides a heavy-duty waterproof and dust proof rating so Dad can feel safe carrying it around in the elements. As for the battery life, it's best-in-class. When we tested it, the FUGOO speaker lasted a whopping 38 hours on one charge."

FUGOO Bluetooth Speaker Review by Busted Wallet

Recently we were given the opportunity to fully test and review the FUGOO Sport which comes standard with 40hrs of battery life, six symmetrically - placed drivers and a rugged design that’s Mudproof, snowproof, shockproof, waterproof and partyproof! Take a second to get an up close and personal look at the FUGOO Sport yourself in the embedded video just below...

Examiner review FUGOO Tough
Need to know: FUGOO Tough

That seems like a long list of features because it is. The FUGOO has so much to offer that it looks like it could be the best Bluetooth speaker on the market today. The fact that it lives inside a fiber-reinforced resin and solid aluminum protective cage, certainly means that it could be the toughest.

GIZWIZ Reviews FUGOO Tough
Finally, a truly different portable Bluetooth Speaker!
  • At last something different from all the other portable Bluetooth speakers out there.
  • I used a bungee to bounce it up and down in the Hudson River
  • And something else rather unique, speakers on all four sides offer what FUGOO calls 360 sound.

FUGOO Style Review by Sound Guys
FUGOO Style Review
  • Rugged, stylish, and surprisingly big-sounding, the FUGOO Style is more than worth its asking price.
  • I managed 35 hours of use before I plugged the speaker in, and I could have gotten more...
  • Overall, this is a good sounding speaker considering the size, and much better than we were expecting.

Speaker Review by Daily News
FUGOO Bluetooth Speaker offers rugged, customizable sound experience
  • You can go a week of rigorous use without charging the FUGOO, an impressive feat.
  • ...FUGOO thinks outside the box, packing unique features into its flagship device...
  • It’s a loaded Bluetooth speaker with the most versatile sound on the market.

Vail Daily GoPro Games Review
GoPro Games packed with gadgets, gear and good times
  • ...Bluetooth speaker set that’s pretty much human proof...
  • ...you can submerge it in water for longer than a humpback whale or Sponge Bob Square Pants...
  • ...drop it from a fifth-floor balcony and run over it with a minivan and it will still work...

Chip Chic review of FUGOO Style
FUGOO Style Review -- A Bluetooth Clutch that Rocks

Rugged and waterproof – yet very stylish with changeable jackets, works as a speakerphone with Siri / Ask Google Now support, dedicated volume buttons, very long battery life, can be clipped, strapped – or mounted, optional wireless remote available, and built to last.

Daily Stoke FUGOO Sport Review
Product Review – FUGOO Sport ~ Finally a surf friendly speaker!
  • Incredibly rugged and waterproof
  • Ideal for Surfers and Outdoor Enthusiasts
  • Incredible Sound
  • Unheard of battery life!!!!

Android Police Bluetooth Speaker Review
FUGOO Bluetooth Speaker Review: This Is The Speaker I'd Make If I Made Speakers
  • This is my new favorite ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker.
  • ...easily and readily rivals the former champ of portable Bluetooth speakers, the Ultimate Ears BOOM...
  • ...this is one of the best Bluetooth speaker I've ever used, and in my opinion, the best ultra-portable speaker on the market today

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