Patio Bluetooth Speakers

Imagine it’s summer, best time of the year for outdoors. You’re there lathering on the sunscreen, having family time, perhaps playing catch with your kids in the patio, gardening or chatting the night away at the fire pit and smooth country music is playing in the background. It’s a great moment and feeling, isn’t it? The music however cools and tranquilizes more as it comes from the FUGOO speakers. FUGOO STYLE XL gives the best quality sound for a great family time.

The Cool Sound

FUGOO STYLE XL is built to deliver the perfect sound. The speaker has eight CORE-X Acoustic drivers and their unique positioning on all four sides giving a 360 degrees’ sound reception by the user. These drivers are also set up at a tilt of 8-degrees upwards for a better dispersion. The sound even gets louder up to 97dB SPL-A at 0.5 meters. For your outdoor events, the speaker is designed with 38 Watts of audio power and a full range frequency response of 50Hz-20 KHz. With these features, the music keeps going.

fugoo STYLE XL - $169.99 Get STYLE XL

Wireless Connection

Everyone wants a seamless connection where they can maneuver easily while still having good time with their music. The FUGOO Style XL has a 4.0 Bluetooth connection capability up to 36 meters for outdoors and 10 meters for indoors. The speaker also has an Audio/ Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP 1.5) that gives the ability for control from supported audio devices. Additional features include a Fast charging dedicated charge port; a Micro USB port for accessing firmware updates and a DC-in Jack for boosting the internal battery’s charge. For versatility, FUGOO Style XL comes with speakerphone ability and offers full duplex communication in this mode.

Fugoo Style XL - $169.99 Get Style XL

The FUGOO speaker is solely built to deliver large and quality music that suits your active lifestyle. Live and have fun to the fullest with the accompaniment of the refreshing beat from the FUGOO speaker. Grab one today and let the tunes move with you.

For approximately $90, the speaker is really great for the price. Therefore, wait no more!
Grab yours today and take your workout to the next level.



Built to to deliver large and loud music to go with your active lifestyle.

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The FUGOO Style XL offers simple elegance and stylish sophistication to your speaker.

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Built to to deliver large and loud music to go with your active lifestyle in Red

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The FUGOO Tough protects your speaker from whatever your world throws at it.

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Bluetooth Speaker Mounting Accessory Pack


Mount Pack



Includes the Bike Mount, Strap Mount and Multi-Mount in a value bundle. #GoAnywhere

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Bluetooth Speaker Strap Mount


Strap Mount



The FUGOO Strap Mount lets your Bluetooth Speaker play where you do. Mount it to your favorite tree, basketball, volleyball, or tennis pole – or whatever.

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Portable Speaker Mount Accessory


Multi Mount



Three different mounting options for your wireless Speaker. Rope or carabiner loop, tripod mounting socket, and strap or belt spring-clip.

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