Mount Pack

Full flexibility in mounting your FUGOO Sport, Tough Speakers, GO Speakers and Style-S Speakers to truly GO ANYWHERE. Includes the Bluetooth Speaker Bike Mount, Strap Mount and Multi-Mount in a value bundle. A $10 value over buying the mounts separately!


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A Mounting Accessory for every Adventure

The FUGOO Mount Pack includes the Bicycle Speaker Mount, Strap Mount and Multi-Mount to extend the range of your music as far as you can imagine. No bike trail, hiking trail, kayaking trip or SUP adventure will mute the music. Whether it’s a lazy ride on your beach cruiser or you’re blasting down the mountain off-road, your FUGOO won’t budge when using the Handlebar Mount Bluetooth Speaker. Going for a hike and want to liven up the vibe? Use the Multi Mount to clip your FUGOO to your pack, belt or to your tent when you setup camp.

Bluetooth Bike Speakers
Portable Speaker Mounting Accessory

Take your music with you... anywhere

What do we mean by anywhere? Use the Strap Mount to strap your FUGOO around the post of the beach volleyball net, a basketball hoop, a goal post, a tree or even your dog. Use the Bike mount to attach your Bluetooth Speaker to a walking stick, a boat railing, your ATV or Sea Doo. Whatever your adventure, the Bluetooth Speaker Mounting Accessory pack will ensure your music is right by your side. Loud and clear.


With the FUGOO Mount Pack, you can place the speakers at roughly ear level—whether you’re standing up, seated, squatting, or lying down. Having speakers at ear level aligns the subwoofers and tweeters relative to the ear, achieving the best balance of sound. The higher frequencies, midrange, and bass detail will surely stand out. In addition, our models have speakers on all four sides; using our Mount Pack, simply mount your speaker in the center of a room to fill the space with rumbly lows, crystal-clear highs, and all-around premium audio.