Bluetooth speakers with Bass

Everyone likes it when their favorite beat drops, but most people enjoy more when it drops with bass; the sound that provides harmony and brings the rhythmic appeal to your ear. FUGOO intends to make your music unrelentingly better and worth remembrance, deep with the bass sound from the STYLE S Speakers.

Impressive Deep Tone

FUGOO STYLE S encompasses dual bass radiators of 68 mm X 115 mm and Dual full range drivers which are custom designed Acoustic drivers that work behind the curtains to deliver the cadenced deep tone. With increased directional loudness from the direct sound of the speaker and up to 93dB loudness, you’ll enjoy your spirited dance moves wherever life takes you. FUGOO STYLE S has a frequency response of 90 Hz – 20 KHz and an outdoor listening capability ready with 20 Watts of power.

fugoo Style S - $129.99 Get Style S

Wireless Connectivity

A speedy Bluetooth 4.2 connection feature that covers a range of up to 100 feet/ 30 meters guarantees you faultless and pleasurable music. STYLE S is ready for bigger action, be it a party or an indoor moment during winter, why not pick up an extra one? You can break the norm and stand out by pairing two FUGOO STYLE S Speakers with your audio source device in either stereo or double modes and have a blast with the intense feeling that comes with the combination.

fugoo Style S - $129.99 Get Style S

Lasts for Long

Worry no more that your event might turn dull when the battery goes down. FUGOO STYLE S has an outstanding battery life of 15 good hours. Additionally, a Micro USB port is available for charging purposes and future system upgrades.

fugoo Style S - $129.99 Get Style S

The baseline tone that comes with the FUGOO STYLE S Speaker will cool down your spirits as you chill out after a busy day. Enjoy bass music by equipping yourself with the STYLE S, the speaker with dual bass radiators!

For approximately $90, the speaker is really great for the price. Therefore, wait no more! Grab yours today and take your workout to the next level.

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