Bike and Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers

Whether you hit backwoods trails on your bike or zip around the city on your motorcycle, a bike Bluetooth speaker can augment your riding experience. FUGOO will make that possible. With our range of portable Bluetooth speakers for motorcycle and bike handlebars, you can listen to music and radio as you pump those pedals.

Our speakers can be strapped onto your bike or motorcycle anywhere you like, thanks to our mounting accessories. We have strap mounts and even carabiner loops for a strong grip. You don’t have to worry about covering the device, either, thanks to its waterproof exterior and ruggedness. A little splash or campground mud won’t kill the tunes.

These models come equipped with mounting features, and are compatible with our mounting accessories:

Fugoo Tough

It’s our most durable Bluetooth speaker model yet. Made of solid aluminum and fiber-reinforced resin, it’s perfect for the indoors and outdoors, in any terrain. Like the Sport model, it boasts a 40-hour battery life, 360-degree speakers, and Siri and Google integration. It’s also dust-proof, mud-proof, and 100% waterproof with an IP67 rating, which means it can be submerged in water between 15cm and 1 meter for 30 minutes.

fugoo TOUGH - $79.99 Get Tough fugoo TOUGH XL - $199.99 Get Tough XL

Fugoo Style-S

It’s the most stylish speaker model in our range. Built for indoor use, it’s perfect for parties, wide sound staging, and bigger action. But if you want to use it for cycling, that’s fine too, as this portable Bluetooth speaker can withstand all types of weather conditions. It has a unique mounting feature that allows you to take it just about anywhere. It has a 15-hour battery life and can get loud without distortion.

fugoo Style - $79.99 SOLD OUT fugoo Style XL - $169.99 Get Style XL
fugoo Style-S - $119.99 Get Style-S

Fugoo Sport

This waterproof, wireless Bluetooth motorcycle and bike speaker model is specifically built for active, hardcore souls. Boasting a superb 40-hour battery life and resistance to mud, snow, shock, and water, this speaker model allows you to listen to all your favorite tunes all day, all night. It has six drivers on four sides for a 360-degree listening experience, plus a built-in microphone for taking calls. You don’t even have to use your hands, too, because it comes equipped with Siri and Google Now capability.

fugoo Sport - $89.99 SOLD OUT fugoo Sport XL - $199.99 Get Sport XL

Fugoo Go

Built to deliver large and loud music on the go, this waterproof and durable motorcycle and bicycle handlebar Bluetooth speaker has ten hours of battery life and a built-in Mounting Cord. Weighing one pound, this is a speaker you can knock around when cycling and not have to worry about. It’s encased in a sleek black housing, but you can add a bit of your personality by choosing among black, blue, and red buttons and bungee cord.

fugoo GO - $69.99 SOLD OUT fugoo GO RED - $69.99 Get Your Go Red