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Brett Metcalfe


Mannum, Australia

FUGOO ambassador program
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I'm a Tough Man.

Brett Metcalfe Motocross

Brett Metcalfe could easily be described as a quiet achiever. In contrast to the many brash young competitors who populate the sport, the Australian’s laid-back approach is often misinterpreted as complacency. But don’t be fooled. The minute he pulls up to the start line and prepares for the gate to drop, he is anything but complacent.

"I'm all about the tough speaker. Living life as a pro motocross racer, I rely on heavy equipment to get the job done but every now and then, Man and machine hit the ground. We need to be built strong enough to get back up and go, just like the tough speaker! I'm hard working and dedicated to my sport. Always strive to be the best role model for kids and be a good person first and foremost. Have a relaxed and optimistic approach to life."

  • 5x Australian amateur champion
  • 9 career Supercross podiums
  • 3rd 2010 Supercross (lites east)
  • 3rd 2008-09 Outdoor championship (lites)
  • 2nd 2010 outdoor championship
  • 1st Overall Southwick National
  • 2013 Canadian MX champion 
  • 4th 2014 Outdoor Championship 

How Does Music Play a Role in Your Life?

Music is a huge part of my life. Since I was a kid I always loved music and wanted to play instruments. I'm into all genres of music and enjoy playing drums/guitar with friends or just listening my music. I'm always listening to music to get amped up for competitions or in the gym, which is where I use my FUGOO speakers!

Where Have Your Travels & Adventures Taken You?

I was born In Australia but it was my goal to come and race in the USA. Along my journey to here, I've travelled to Indonesia for competitions since I was 10, raced in New Zealand multiple times, lived in Germany and Belgium while traveling all over Europe competing in the world MX championship, travelled throughout Canada during the 2013 season and spent many years trekking across the USA chasing the motocross circuit back and forth across the country.